Canonical Administrative Practice Course

From October 2023 to May 2024

27 October 2023

Attached to the Dicastery for the Clergy is the ancient "Studio" established by Benedict XV with a provision on October 28, 1919, so that those who attend it can gain practical experience in the management of ecclesiastical affairs and the application of canon law in an administrative manner. In continuity with these purposes, this Dicastery organizes the "CANONICAL ADMINISTRATIVE PRACTICE" course.

It addresses the issues within the competence of the Dicastery for the Clergy: initial formation, life and ministry of clerics, administration of ecclesiastical assets, hierarchical appeals, dispensation from obligations arising from Holy Orders, loss of clerical status.

The course, lasting two years, is recognized, in each individual year, as an optional subject or seminar by the Faculties of Canon Law and other Pontifical Academic Centers in the city.

Those intending to obtain the Diploma must:

• Regularly attend classes.

• Attend all written tutorials.

According to the Regulations approved on September 14, 2017, classes can be attended by clerics, religious, and laity who must be enrolled at least in the second year of a License in Canon Law. Classes are held in person at the Dicastery 'sheadquarters (Piazza Pio XII, 3 - 2nd floor) and can be followed online only by admitted auditors on Tuesdays.

Priest and/or Religious students are required to always appear in their proper ecclesiastical attire (can. 284, 669; Congregation for the Clergy, "Directory for the Ministry and Life of Priests," n. 66); other students must dress decently.

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