Which Church? What Kind of a Priest? What Kind of Formation? - Lazzaro Cardinal You Heung Sik Prefect of the Dicastery for the Clergy

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One Book, one Law, one Master

When I think about priestly formation, what immediately comes to my mind is my personal journey towards the priestly ministry, in which everything goes back to what is essential: one book - one law - one Master.

A single Book: The Gospel, to be put into practice faithfully or to the letter in everyday life. Only one law: The commandment of mutual love that Jesus entrusted first, to his Apostles. One Master, who makes himself present where we live together as children of one Father and as a family of brothers and sisters.

These three pathways have left a deep imprint in my life forever and they serve as a light and a guide for me even to this day. In fact, our formation is never a process that ends. On the contrary, we need a daily conversion so that our way of living, speaking and acting is more and more rooted in the Gospel.

There is always something new every day that we learn from the Master, who wants to be part of our life and present among us.