Course on the Practice of Priestly Formation

2018 – 2019

In light of the new Ratio fundamentalis,

“The Gift of the Priestly Vocation,”


the course is offered to all Priests who continue their own ongoing formation in Rome

and who want:

            To Grow in the awareness of being formators of the People of God and in the capacity to nurture pastoral and priestly vocations in their parishes, in Seminaries and in other diocesan pastoral structures;

            To Reread their own history, through an attentive review of life and in light of the gift received, through accepting the impulse of the Spirit to develop their own life as disciples toward the configuration to Christ the Servant and Good Shepherd;

            To Deepen their own vocational choice, the profound motivations and specific aspects of their own priestly and ministerial life;

            --A precious occasion to stop, reflect, deepen and assimilate the new Ratio;

            --A time for their own priestly formation and for the formation to service of vocations and the Clergy;

           --A joyful experience of fraternity and sharing with priests from all over the world.